Growing / Using / Storing Mushrooms Class and Introduction to Farmer Frank's Mushrooms.

This class will take place on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 5:30 to 7:30pm.  Here at Nature's Touch Nursery & Harvest.  

This class will start out with the Introduction to Farmer Frank's Mushrooms.  He will teaching how to grow and store your mushrooms.  He will teach identification and understanding the uses of edible mushrooms.

In addition to Mushrooms, will be our monthly growing food with Nature class.  

Sign up Here:  - scroll down to classes and click on April 13,2021.  

You can always sign up in person at Nature's Touch Nursery & Harvest.


This gardening class is tailored to the needs of growers in San Luis Obispo county with biodynamic practices.

You will learn: - The effects of current weather on your garden and how important weather is when gardening -

How to identify your soil type, what amendments your garden needs, and when to apply such amendments -

Learn all about plants that thrive in our county, including culinary & medicinal uses. -

How to grow and harvest your garden in an ecologically responsible and healthy manner, with less effort and more bountiful harvests with less problems from disease and pests without using synthetic pesticides or herbicides. -

Celebrate a truly sustainable "farm-to-table" harvest by enjoying the delicious food you grow! -

Enjoy fresh seasonal produce samples provided by Nature's Touch Nursery & Harvest during the class.

*Scholarships are available to high school & Cuesta College students, please contact Melanie (805)712-3478.

Attendees of the class will receive a 10% off discount on all Nature's Touch seeds and plants and a 5% off discount on all other store items on the day of the class. 

Classes are held at Nature's Touch Nursery & Harvest in Templeton.  In person and online.  

Time: 2nd Tuesday of Every month at 5:30-7:30


Classes are $55/per class

2 people working out of the same garden $95.00

Discounts for:

6 month sign up  $300

12 month Sign Up $540

Sign up in Person in the store/nursery or At or Venmo  @Melanie-Blankenship-1

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