Intro to Bee Keeping. The 3rd Tuesday of each month up until January when the 6 month series starts.

Learning the importance of protecting your food source by learning to raise your own apiary.   You will learn the season of building brood, how important it is to your honey production. the importance of the location of our bee hive.  Understand, how and when nectar flows and pollen blows.
Why is honey a different color? What is raw honey? What is local honey? Does honey go bad? All these questions will be answered in the introductory to bee keeping class.


This is a mandatory class in order to sign up for 6 month series where we take you from building your own hive to your first harvest. Which starts in January.


Maximum number of students per class is 10

Intro Class for September and October $75 each class

November class $80

December Class $85


6 month series $475


Sign up here :

or at Nature's Touch Nursery & Harvest @ 225 S Main Street Templeton, California - 805-712-3478

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