What If?

The other day, after watching a sci-fi, things blowing up, world getting destroyed type movie, I wondered what will happen to our planet. The sun might fry us, maybe disease will turn people into zombies, or there is always the chance that we will be attacked by aliens and forced to work until our probable deaths. Out of my list, I decided the most likely way our planet might be wiped out is by ourselves. We might drill until there is no oil left, dig until we've dried all our wells, and cut until only one tree remains. Then we'll fight each other for whatever is left, and soon the population will die away leaving only lucky survivors to roam through the destroyed planet.

Then a more optimistic thought came to me, what if the Earth could heal itself? And the truth is, with the proper tools it can. When we first came to be, you didn't see Native American's driving cars along stretches of highway, or the Aztecs watching the weather channel. They didn't have that leisure yet. But if you jump forward to the 21st century we're wasting these resources. We've overused and not given enough back, especially on the farm. We have traded in quality for quantity. Using chemicals helps crops grow faster, bigger, yet not better. When chemicals are applied to the plants the purpose of the crops gaining nutrients through the soil diminishes completely. Thus, leaving you with complete lack of nutrition. What's the point of suffering through eating your veggies if you gain nothing from it? The chemicals then will kill the soil, and then even with applications you will have a fairly hard time planting there again.

In 1924, philosopher Rudolph Steiner created Biodynamic preparation’s by taking organic matter and turning it into compost. Using natural fertilizers actually gives back to the soil and betters your crops nutrition. And it's easy! Take a little manure, some table scraps, your lawn clipping, and let it breakdown. You also then get a golden star for not throwing away useful, although stinky, materials. Or recycling. Now a days, there are many ways to recycle. You can simply put some paper into a blue bin, get crafty and cut up an old pair of jeans to make a fashionable bag, or even giving hand-me-downs to your cousin. As consumers we should be careful what we put our money into, especially with back to school shopping. Even if the shirt is cute, don't buy it if you're only gonna wear in once then forget you ever have it. Even if the cookies look better than the salad, which is better for you. We're talking needs not wants people! And even if it is a need, make sure whatever it is will eventually end up helping the planet. If we don't help the planet help itself, bad things might start happening (see beginning of article). If you have any questions come by the store, 225 South Main Street, Templeton, California or contact Melanie @ buyeatlivelocal@gmail.com

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