Nature's Farm Raw Honey Large BPA Free Plastic squeeze tio

Nature's Farm Raw Honey Large BPA Free Plastic squeeze tio

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FAQs About Our Honey

1) "What flavor is it?"
Our honey is never flavored. Every single harvest tastes different, even when the hives are right next to each other! We've had harvests that are dark amber and very molasses tasting to harvests that are almost clear and with a light sweet flavor. We've had our bees next to a lavender field and the honey came out tasting like citrus. Honey is more unique than wine, coffee, or beer in its flavor notes as the product is entirely made by bees and not interfered with by humans. We just collect it. Our bees have access to fruit trees, wild flowers, herbs, grasses, native plants, and mosses. So if you are looking for a label, you could call it "Wildflower" but we just call it delicious.

2) "Does it crystallize?"
Yes, all real raw honey will crystallize. It has to do with the fact that honey is a super-saturated mixture of sugars and liquid. The temperature that the honey is stored at and the moisture content of the honey itself affect how fast a honey will
crystallize. Crystallization is NOT BAD. It actually saves the flavor of the honey, and crystallized honey is great for baking since the crystallization condenses the
flavor, making it richer. If you don't like the crystals, just warm
the honey up. They will melt and the honey will go back to its former smooth self. If you've had honey that never crystallized, it was probably boiled or cut with
rice or corn syrup (a very common practice in grocery store honey).

3) "Where is it from?/ Is it local?"
Our honey comes from two sites; behind the store in Templeton (can't get much more local than that) and at Nature's Farm, which is our biodynamic farm in West Templeton, near Dover Canyon. All our honey comes from our bees, and we never ship in honey from the Valley or Southern California.

Our honey is stored in glass and BPA-Free plastic bottles.